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NEW Pumpkin Finds for Fall 17!

NEW Pumpkin Finds for Fall 17!

If you think it’s too early for PUMPKIN season, think again…….

You know I’m not mad about it, but I do feel bad for the die-hard summer lovers out there trying to hold on to every last bit of summer. Don’t get me wrong, I love these beautiful sunny Chicago days (that are all too few) but there’s something about waking up on a crispy autumn morning, dark colored nail polish on my nails, and wearing my favorite booties that just makes me tick.

Hate it if you wish, but when retailers make almost $350 million dollars from the sale of pumpkin spice items, you better believe they will start rolling them out long before the 10-day forecast calls for sweaters. Last week World Market beat Starbucks to the punch as the first retailer to roll out pumpkin spice coffee, and that’s not all. I headed over there to see the pumpkin for myself and that’s not all I saw. Pumpkin bark, pumpkin almonds, pumpkin oatmeal cookies and MORE! As I brought my loot to the checkout counter, the cashier chucked and said “I can’t believe we have this stuff out already!” When I told her how happy I was, and about peculiar passion for pumpkin, she punched in a 10% discount without making me join the store’s loyalty program. I call that winning, my friends!

So you’re asking yourself, what other pumpkin foods can you get your hands on starting now? Well I’m rounding up my favorites for you here, and this is just the start! You better believe I asked Trader Joe’s when they’re expecting their first pumpkin shipment, and you’ll have to stay tuned to my posts and Instagram stories to find out–It’s sooner than you think 🙂

Why I’m loving them: Pumpkin seeds are the first ingredient in these super food bars!  You know we’re going to be eating a lot of pumpkin foods this season, so why not make some of them healthy?!! Grab a pumpkin seed bar for a mid-afternoon pumpkin-pick-me-up. With flavors like honey cracked pepper with turmeric you’re getting a nutritional boost and your pumpkin fix at the same time! Or try the cinnamon spice flavor—pumpkin spice’s little sister.

Why I’m loving them: Try to stop at one bite. You can’t because nothing appeals more to basic bee’s (you know I love you!) than pumpkin spice, and chocolate. Nut free, and made with organic pumpkin makes these cookies the pick of the patch for 2017. Fancy Pants did the fall baking for you, and now you have more time to frolic in a over-sized sweater. You’re welcome!

Why I’m loving them: The smell of fall pours out the minute you open the bag of these overnight oats. Add your favorite nut milk, fresh fruit, and drizzle with almond butter for a dreamy fall breakfast! The best part is with 10g of protein, and no added sugar, you’ll have room to drink a PSL too…while wearing UGG boots and yoga pants, of course.



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