5 Recipes That Add More Leafy Green Vegetables To Your Diet

5 Recipes That Add More Leafy Green Vegetables To Your Diet

If you think adding more “greens” to you diet means eating the same salad over and over again, I’m here to prove you wrong. Think outside the salad bowl with these 5 recipes that add more leafy green vegetables to your diet!

Sure you’ve heard you should be eating more greens, but I’ll be the first to say washing them, prepping them and thinking outside the salad bowl is not always easy. Enter Nature’s Greens ®. They’ve pre-washed the freshest most tender greens, that come in a bag for convenient use. Each of the recipes I made using their kale and collard greens can be made ahead for meal prep or serve as leftovers the next day to keep the green streak going.

This blog post is in partnership with Nature’s Greens ®, but all opinions are my own.

In my practice as a dietitian primarily counseling millennials, I often get asked what the best foods are that aid in weight loss, reveal abs and get that lean look so many of us are after. Of course, there are many parts to that equation, but one of the first diet tweaks I recommend is to up your intake of greens. Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, spinach, asparagus, cabbage, kale and collard greens are all lower in calories but high in fiber which meals you can eat a large quantity of them and feel full and satisfied for just a small amount of calories. That’s exactly what you want more of in your diet when trying to achieve weight loss and improve your diet overall.

A great way to ensure that you’ll actually eat more greens is to prep meals at the beginning of the week (raise your hand if you’re all about that #sundaymealprep!)  that fill your plate with the goodness of greens. An added benefit of meal prep is that since you already have the food ready to go you’ll be less likely to opt for something else on account of not wanting your efforts in the kitchen to go to waste. It takes the guesswork out of work lunches, quick breakfasts and can even jump start your ideas for what to make for dinner.

Nothing is worse than realizing that bag of greens you bought at the beginning of the week has gone bad and you haven’t even opened it. Prepping your meals ahead of time with greens, not only will work to improve your diet quality but will also help you save money at the grocery store and prevent food waste. That’s more green in your pocket!

Nature’s Greens ® prides themselves on providing fresh greens, high in vitamins and bursting with nutrients in every bite that serve as a great groundwork for all of your meals. Sauté, add to pastas, create side dishes and smoothies – the options are endless! I like to diversify and green-ify my meals in ways that make me forget the greens are even there like in my recipe for spicy kale and lemon pesto below! This versatile spread adds flavor to a variety of meals and the vitamin C content of the kale and the lemon combine to give you over 100% of your daily value of the vitamin.

Visit their website to learn more about Nature’s Green’s and be sure to follow them on Instagram and like their facebook page for much more inspiration and tasty creations with greens!


5 Make Ahead Recipes That Add More Leafy Green Vegetables to Your Diet:

Blueberry Kale Pancakes

kale blueberry pancakes

Kale and Sausage Egg Muffins

kale & sausage egg muffins

Spicy Lemon Kale Pesto

kale pesto

Power Green Collard Wraps

power green collard wraps

Kale & Butternut Squash Pizza

kale pizza

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