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Summertime Grilling with Pre Brands

Summertime Grilling with Pre Brands

This blog post is in partnership with Pre® Brands. All opinions are my own!

There’s something about summertime in Chicago that just makes dinner from the grill taste that much better. Even living in a high-rise, we found ourselves itching to grill on our building’s rooftop grill the moment it was warm enough. Now that it’s officially summer I know there’s many more grilled recipes on deck for warm night and long weekends!


Over Memorial Day weekend, I did a segment on FOX Chicago on the perfect side dishes to pair with all your grilled goodies, which was the perfect time to finally grill my Pre Brands beef meat outside for the first time this year! I’ve shared why I only choose PreRE Brands and how Pre it’s different from other beefs you will find at your meat counter, and as we enter into this time when we’re buying a lot more meat for summer celebrations and BBQs it’s definitely worth trusting the self-proclaimed B“beef Ggeeks at Pre” to deliver on quality and taste.

I know there is a lot of buzz about grass-fed meat out there but did you know that all meat that is grass-fed is not necessarily grass-finished? That’s aA huge difference between Pre Brands and other meat purveyors out there is their dedication to quality, including beef that is grass-fed and finished –  that ensures their animals are fed a grain-free diet throughout their entire lifespan.

Here’s a breakdown of how their meat is a nutritional “cut above” the rest:

  • Compared to other beef, Pre contains:
    • Up to 38% fewer Calories*
    • Up to 63% less Fat*
    • Higher Omega 3s
    • Higher CLA’s

*vs. USDA choice version for the same cut of beef

And we definitely can not talk about this meat without talking about the taste! I’ve used different cuts in recipes time and time again, and each time I am amazed at the quality of the cut and the really amazing flavor that wakes up your entire palette.

Here are a couple of other recipes from Pre Brands that are definitely on my radar for the 4th of July and when we want to make a weekend dinner feel a little more special:



green goddess salad

I’ve also made fiesta steak bruschetta, pumpkin pot roast, and this lovely dinner for two using Pre Brands meat beef for you to see just how versatile cooking, roasting, and grilling with Pre Brands can be!


And just in time for summer, be sure to check out Pre’s Guide to Grilling for tips on temperatures depending on meats, different equipment, and everything else you need to be the grill master at your next summer get together. I love following them on Instagram for major #mealinspo too! #eatpre


Pre is available in stores all around Chicago and the Midwest – even at some stores where you might not normally shop. But believe me, it’s worth the trip! Pre is on the shelves at Mariano’s, Meijer, select Jewel-Osco locations, Heinen’s, Treasure Island, Foxtrot and loads of other independents. Check the store locator at to find the closest spot near you. Or order Pre on Instacart, Amazon Fresh, other online retailers, or right from Pre at You’ll be glad you did!




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