Pumpkin Pancakes & More Back at IHOP This Year

Pumpkin Pancakes & More Back at IHOP This Year

This post was sponsored by IHOP, but all opinions are my own and I appreciate your support!

Even though I’ve had a lot of pumpkin food, it still astonished me just how many things you can put pumpkin into! From sweet to savory, there’s pretty much nothing that you can’t pumpkin-ify, which is why I’m excited to tell you about a pumpkin beer inspired by the flavors of pumpkin  pancakes!

Pumpkin pancakes were probably one of the very first pumpkin foods I ever ate and to this day I never get sick of them. The can be paleo, gluten free, or topped with butter, and you bet that I will gladly split them with whoever I’m having breakfast with or enjoy them with a side of eggs. I swear there is something magical about weekends in the fall that just make you want to cozy up, take it slow and enjoy a pancake breakfast.

Food is so connected to our emotions. It reminds us of memories of seasons past, what we used to do as a kid, and even what it felt like to fall in love. In this way I believe food can do so much more than just nourish us from a physiological level, it can also nourish our souls. Certain foods in the fall do just that for me and pumpkin pancakes are definitely one of them.  I think of making them for football tailgates in college for my friends, which always brings back nostalgia of those fun times.

Not only did IHOP come back with their pumpkin pancakes this year, but they also were inspired by the flavors of the fall to create their very own pumpkin beer! Yes, they bottled the taste of pumpkin pancakes in their very own IHOPS Pumpkin Pancake Stout! If you’re a pumpkin beer connoisseur (I know they exist!) you can visit IHOPS.beer to find out if IHOPS is in your area!

Pumpkin Pancakes at IHOP

I recently ordered two stacks of pumpkin pancakes from IHOP for Rob and I to have at home on a Saturday morning and enjoying them with a nice cup of coffee was exactly my definition of an ideal Saturday in the fall! Weather you’re coming back from apple picking or out on a walk enjoying the fall foliage, consider stopping by your local IHOP and giving these a try this season. They’re made with real pumpkin and cinnamon!

Pumpkin Pancakes at IHOP

Also be sure to CARVE out some time on Wednesday, October 31st between 7am and 10pm for a FREE scary face pancake for kids 12 and under!

And for more places that have pumpkin foods this time of year, be sure to check out my blog post on Chicago restaurants that have pumpkin foods in the fall!



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