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About Maggie Michalczyk

Hey There

I'm Maggie

I’m Maggie Michalczyk, a registered dietitian and recipe developer specializing in millennial nutrition. My love of food and nutrition is showcased on this blog, as well as my desire to communicate nutrition information in a simple way that anyone can use in their everyday life.

The food you will find on Once Upon a Pumpkin and on Instagram is the food I eat! I’m all about attainable wellness that’s individual to what works for you.

I love the fall — the crispy leaves, the cool breeze and the smell of a pumpkin loaf baking in the oven. To me, pumpkin is a year round superfood and I love adding it to just about anything. Did I mention my dog’s name is Pumpkin too?!

Food Confidence &

body love

Having struggled with body image and self-perceived food rules, it’s my mission to show other millennial women that it’s possible to have a positive relationship with food, be confident in your food choices, love your body, and live your life free from constant dieting and food stress.