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Apartment Organization Tips and Tricks from a Dietitian

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Are you moving into a new apartment this summer and want to make the most of your space? Whether you’re upgrading, downsizing or simply switching neighborhoods read on for my tips, tricks and hacks staying healthy, happy, and organized in a 900 square apartment!

This post is written in partnership with The Mason, but all opinions are my own! The Mason is Fulton Market’s newest luxury highrise with state of the art amenities, a gym that is to die for and a pool, coworking space, and so much more. Just steps away from one of the fastest growing neighborhoods, The Mason embodies the style of the Fulton Market District for modern living. 

Two people, a growing business and a dog all in one apartment can make our apartment feel even smaller than that at times, however there’s some things I’ve learned along the way that keep the apartment clean, and make everything from cooking dinner to storing seasonal items a breeze. 

There was a time when my cabinets and storage closet were packed to the brim–I could never find what I needed and needless to say things would be spilling out onto the counters, in corners and any where there was room. To stay sane and avoid that situation I make the most of my cabinets, and fridge by using containers, organizations and shelves that add more space to my cabinets, closets and fridge. 

I also rotate seasonal clothes and items by putting things I won’t need for the upcoming season into my storage closet. This is so key for apartment living and gives you the chance to evaluate the things you really use, and discard or donate the things you no longer need. 

The same goes for fridge and pantry storage. Check expiration dates and put things with a shorter shelf life in the front so that you will use them first. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all let dry goods sit in our pantry thinking they can “live forever” back there only to find they’re too old to eat. Prevent food waste by recognizing things you don’t use that much or ever and buy less of them or skip altogether next time.

Once a quarter I also like to donate food to a local food pantry too.  

Apartment Organization Hacks

  • Utilize bins, organizers and shelf extenders
  • Rotate your seasonal items like decor, clothes and kitchen gadgets to declutter and 
  • Practice the one month rule. If you haven’t used something that should be a frequent use item in more than a month put it into storage or donate it all together! 

Check out these storage bins for your cabinets and fridge that have seriously helped me maximize space and prevent the clutter!


Grocery Shopping Hacks that Save Space & Money

Having an organized fridge and pantry is one of my not so secret strategies to eating healthy and saving money on food. I don’t have a walk in pantry that looks like a California closet, but you don’t need to in order to be organized!  

  1. Take stock before you shop.  It’s way too easy to end up buying something that you already have two of at home. I’m super guilty of this myself, but living in a small space, I try not to do it. Take stock of your fridge and cabinets, make a list for the store and don’t over buy! 
  2. Get them delivered. I love going to the grocery store, but sometimes the best way to save time and money is to get your groceries delivered. Here in the west loop / fulton market Whole Foods delivers via Prime and Jewel-Osco delivers too. You can normally get everything you need in 2-4 hours and it definitely prevents you from leaving the store with things you don’t need (and can’t fit in your pantry!).
  3. Weekly clean-ups & outs. To prevent things from sitting in my fridge for much longer than they should and keep my food waste down, I’m a huge proponent of cleaning out the fridge once a week and going through the cupboards that house my dry goods regularly so that things don’t pile up.

For more information about apartments at Fulton Market’s newest luxury high-rise,The Mason,  be sure to check out this post on what it’s like to live in the west loop and this post about wellness in the west loop!

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  1. I have that under cabinet shelf in my kitchen and bathroom. Having two shelves helps utilize alllll the space and keeps things way more organized. Wonderful ideas!