Elevating Seasonal Meals with My Indoor Garden


One of my favorite meals to whip up for dinner this time of year is butternut squash ravioli with fresh sage, pumpkin seeds and freshly grated parmesan cheese. It just tastes like fall in a bowl and just warms the soul on a chilly fall night. The fresh sage is the chef’s kiss of fall flavor on top.

Sprinkling fresh herbs on top of a meal is a super simple way to add more nutrition (yes, herbs contain many antioxidants and vitamins and minerals) and flavor to anything you’re eating. Plus, an eye-catching pop of green that just dresses up any meal. 

If you’re like me and live in a condo or apartment in a cold state, it’s nearly impossible to grow anything outside in the colder months. That’s one of the reasons I fell in love with Rise Gardens. Fresh herbs and veggies, year round? This dietitian got really excited about that and I’ve loved watching my plant babies grow into hearty herbs and veggies over the last few weeks. 

You might be thinking I can barely keep my house plants alive, how will I grow an indoor garden? I truly thought the same thing but you don’t need a ton of gardening experience or a green thumb to have yourself a robust indoor garden in no time. 

Rise Gardens are Wi-Fi enabled and app-controlled meaning you’ll be alerted when it’s time to clean your garden, or add nutrients to it. It’s also a great support hub if you have any questions as you grow your plants. The app tells you when it’s time to clean out the garden, and add nutrients so your plant babies keep growing optimally. 

Currently in my garden I have fresh basil, parsley, sage, cilantro, and four types of lettuce. When Rob was helping me set it up initially I named it the “love fern” as a nod to one of the best rom coms of all time! 

Rise indoor gardens have a modular design which allows you to start as small as 8 plants and go all the way up to 108 plants. You can add 8 or 12 pod trays to any garden to instantly increase your plant yield. I have the personal countertop garden which is great because it doesn’t take up too much space — I like the pop of green it adds to my kitchen and the fresh smell it adds to the air. Not to mention it’s a fun conversation starter anytime someone comes over. 

If you constantly find yourself spending money on herbs at the grocery store only to see them wilt away the next day or two, a Rise Garden might just be the perfect thing for you. I also think it would be a fun and interactive experience for kids to participate in. From watching the seeds sprout, to picking the herbs and veggies and adding them to meals, it could help kids get excited about adding more greens to their plate and learn how things grow!

Nutrition Content of Foods Left to Fully Ripen on the Vine

Did you know research shows food left to fully ripen on the vine contains a higher nutrient content? Meaning these small but mighty herbs and veggies from my indoor garden are packing a higher nutritional punch vs. ones that may have traveled far to get to the grocery store.

The amount of vitamin C in broccoli decreased by 50 percent when imported rather than locally harvested, according to a research study at Montclair State University. Besides vitamin C, the transportation process has been shown to reduce vitamins like E, A and B.

As a dietitian I believe it’s all about the little things we do for our health on a daily basis that add up to make the biggest difference. Growing your own herbs and veggies is a fun way to connect with your food — from sprouts to sprinkling them on a meal, you can watch the whole process and reap the nutritional benefits of your hard work. Win, win!

All indoor gardens come with everything you need to get growing — including a starter kit with seeds and nutrients, the app enabled hydroponic system, the self watering tank, LED grow lights and a 1 year warranty. Use code PUMPKIN50 for $50 off of the Family Rise Garden and code PUMPKIN25 for $25 off of the Personal Rise Garden (the size I have!). 

Stay tuned for more recipes and holiday-inspired appetizers made with herbs and veggies from my garden!

This post was created in partnership with Rise Gardens. As always all opinions are my own and I appreciate your support! 

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