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Follow Maggie as she finds new pumpkin products, tries every pumpkin flavor & explores every pumpkin possibility…….


How I became a registered dietitian and started my pumpkin Instagram 

The very first pumpkin food that I remember eating was pumpkin ice cream from Capannari’s ice cream in my home town of  Mt. Prospect, Illinois. Many PSL lattes followed (especially in college), but it wasn’t until a couple of falls ago when I made it my job to find, try and take pictures of every pumpkin product I could possibly find. It was during the fall of my dietetic internship, I was living at home, and bringing all sorts of pumpkin foods in my lunch everyday… that my intern friends would always comment on! @bloodymaryaddict & @new_kid_on_the_guac were the inspiration behind the page–and now they also have successful Instagram pages in their respective niches! Isn’t it funny how things work out?

The versatility of pumpkin itself is amazing, isn’t it? For being so seasonal, I’d argue it has a place in every season!  Be it breakfast, lunch, dinner, and especially dessert….there’s always a way to “pump” it up.

It’s hard not to fall in love with the season of fall when you go to Michigan State. October turns the campus colors that encompass every autumnal emotion. I found myself happiest when everything around me was crisp, spiced, seasoned and even a little spooky. I graduated with my degree in dietetics and became a dietitian after completing my dietetic internship with the Aramark dietetic internship program.

If you’ve followed me you know I spent some time in New York City, starting my career in public relations, and of course searching the city for every pumpkin thing I could find. And find I did!  Autumn in New York was magical, but there’s nowhere I’d rather be than in my hometown of Chicago–after all, Illinois produces the most pumpkins!