Work With Maggie

Welcome to my pumpkin page! I’m “PUMP”-ped you’re here. As you can see, I have a passion for ALL things pumpkin, and I have a strong feeling you do too 🙂

I love finding news ways swap in, showcase, and make pumpkin the STAR of any recipe! From healthy pumpkin spice lattes, to pumpkin ravioli, there’s nothing I won’t add pumpkin to!

And it goes way beyond just pumpkin spice for me.I’ll take you on a fall journey so cozy you’ll feel like you’re under a warm blanket on a chilly night with a sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle flickering in the background. How’s that for a perfect fall night?!


For Brands: Are you launching a new PUMPKIN product for fall 2017?  Do you have an amazingly delicious and unique pumpkin product you want to tell others about? I can help! Whether it’s pumpkin recipe development, pumpkin food styling, or a pumpkin giveaway, there are so many creative ways we can work together to spread the word!


For RD2BE’s: Thinking of becoming a dietitian? Applying to a dietetic internship? I want to help! Because my journey was so unique, I love talking to students who want to know more about the different jobs out there for RDs!


Email: to explore all of the pumpkin possibilities for fall 2017 and beyond!