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My 15 Favorite Pumpkin Products from Trader Joe’s

Maggie's Favorites

It truly isn’t pumpkin season without a trip to Trader Joe’s, and I’m sharing my favorite pumpkin products from Trader Joe’s that I look forward to every year!

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Pumpkin season at Trader Joe’s

A sure sign of the season is when Trader Joe’s literally turns into a pumpkin patch in the fall, bursting at the seams with pumpkin everything! From real pumpkins and gourds to pumpkin spice liquor, the brains behind Trader Joe’s continue to amaze us with the pumpkin items that they think up year after year!

From sweet to savory, if you can dream it chances are Trader Joe’s has made it into a pumpkin product, and this pumpkin lover is not complaining!

Here is my list of best pumpkin items from Trader Joe’s that I like from both a flavor a nutrition standpoint — happy fall grocery shopping!

Best Pumpkin Products from Trader Joe’s

Pumpkin Vanilla Candle – Cozy season calls for cozy pumpkin candles and while you’re picking up all your pumpkin foods at Trader Joe’s, you have to grab this candle too! Light it up and bake a loaf of my favorite pumpkin bread this fall!

Pumpkin Ginger Hold the Cone – Perfectly portioned, the pumpkin ginger mini hold the cone ice cream cones from Trader Joe’s are a dessert favorite of mine! I love that they’re mini and make for the perfect after dinner treat.

Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bars – The pumpkin pie perfect bar is a seasonal flavor that I look forward to every year and lucky for us, Trader Joe’s is one of the places that carries it in the fall! A peanut butter based bar that spiced just right with lots of pumpkin flavor — what’s not to love?! I love stashing these in my fridge and even putting half in my pumpkin smoothie.

Pumpkin Pancake Mix {regular & gluten free} – If making pumpkin pancakes from scratch just isn’t your thing, Trader Joe’s pumpkin pancake mix and gluten free pumpkin pancake mix are a great solution! Their pumpkin pancake mix was definitely one of my first favorite pumpkin products, you can even add 2 tbsp. of pumpkin puree to the batter to make them more fluffy and pumpkin-y. And if you are looking for a make at home option, may I suggest this healthy pumpkin pancake recipe that I love making on weekends in the fall!

Pumpkin Pie Spice — Another item I stock up on in the fall is Trader Joe’s pumpkin spice. Perfect for sprinkling on top of your coffee, adding to baked goods and just about anything else you want to add fall flavor to!

Pumpkin Butter – An original classic, Trader Joe’s pumpkin butter is super fun to put on different things in the fall. You can use it in baking or for putting on top of pancakes, in drinks and more. There’s no wrong way to use it!

Organic Pumpkin Bread — This slightly more savory, but a little sweet toast bread is a surprise favorite! It’s packed with pumpkin seeds on top and very flavorful and delicious with nut butter, pumpkin cream cheese , or pumpkin butter spread on top! Update for fall 2023, I haven’t seen this back for the season.

Pumpkin Rooibos Tea — Another original pumpkin product, I feel in love with this pumpkin tea years ago and love a nice cup of it with a spoonful of honey in the fall. It’s caffeine free, making it perfect after dinner, while you’re watching TV all cozy under a blanket all fall long.

Pumpkin Samosas — Pumpkin and paneer filled flaky pastries, and also news for fall 2020, the pumpkin samosas are a frozen item definitely worth trying! They’ve got a great savory pumpkin flavor and would make for a fun appetizer for a fall get together! Note, I also tried the pumpkin empanadas that are new for 2020 and didn’t care for them! They were slightly sweet but the pumpkin filling was not great. I’d skip those and get the samosas instead!

Honey Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli — slightly sweet and oh so orange, the honey roasted pumpkin ravioli from Trader Joe’s has been a favorite of mine for years. I believe it it was one of the original batch of pumpkin products they came out with, and super quick to cook up and enjoy! I love topping the pumpkin ravioli with olive oil, parmesan, sage and toasted pumpkin seeds. New for fall 2023, there is also a gluten free version.

Pumpkin Butternut Bisque — found in the prepared items section, Trader Joe’s pumpkin butternut bisque, is creamy and delicious and makes for the perfect lunch paired with a sandwich in the fall. When you don’t feel like making soup from scratch, this is a great go-to.

Harvest Chili — Another great lunch option when it’s chilly outside, this chili is made with black beans, butternut squash, sweet potato, cauliflower, pumpkin puree and chili spices. I love that it’s veggie packed and ready to eat. Pair with a sandwich or fall salad.

Fall Zucchette Pumpkin Shaped Pasta — How can you not love pasta that’s orange and shaped like a pumpkin?! Super fun and delicious with their autumnal harvest pasta sauce on top, the shape of this pasta makes it really delicious and perfect to make for a cozy dinner on a chilly fall night.

Pumpkin Overnight Oats — Made with just a couple simple ingredients and sweetened with dates, these make for a fun snack in the fall or part of breakfast. Premade overnight oats often contain added sugars so I liked how these only have dates as the sweetener and are super simple.

Pepita Salsa — Available year round this salsa is packed with fresh flavor and a little bit of spice. I love it to switch things up from regular salsa. Eat it with chips, put it on eggs, on quesadillas or in tacos.

What are your favorite items from Trader Joe’s, and what pumpkin items do you look forward to getting from every pumpkin season? I’d love to know! And be sure to check out my list of over 140 Healthy Trader Joe’s Meals plus a shopping list — happy grocery shopping!


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