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Rob and I moved into our new condo this past week! I’m so excited to give you a little peak into a few things I bought to make it feel more homey and tell you more about our kitchen renovation!

Writing this is while sipping coffee with a sleepy puppy on my lap is a nice break from unpacking and organizing everything, which has been consuming our lives over this long weekend!

Today is day four in our new place and I’m finally starting to feel less exhausted from the whole moving process (if you’ve ever moved, I know you understand!) and more settled into our new normal here!

We moved just a few blocks away from our old place in Chicago because we love the area so much. Our new place has two bedrooms, which is great especially now since we’re both working from home. I can take over the kitchen/living room when I’m making recipes and writing, and Rob can use the spare bedroom as his office.

maggie michalczyk, rdn

moving during a global pandemic

To be honest it was hard for me to share that we bought a place and were moving because of everything currently going on in the world with the corona virus pandemic. We literally closed a week before the lockdown started and if timing was different during our search and buying process, we probably wouldn’t have moved at all.

I waited until just a couple days before the move to share the news on Instagram, because I’ve been dealing with serious guilt around sharing our happy news when it’s not exactly a happy time for most people. Here I am picking out countertops and backsplash while there are people struggling to put food on the table right now is definitely a thought that was running through my mind during this whole process.

Ultimately I realized we have to celebrate the good things in life, even during the hard times. I’m so excited for this next chapter here for us! I can’t change what’s going on, but I can do my best to spread positivity, help people find joy in healthy eating, and be extra kind to everyone I encounter (now and always) and that’s what I’m going to keep on doing!

condo kitchen renovation

We loved our new place when we saw it, except for the kitchen! It had not been updated since the building was built in the early 2000’s and because we both spend a lot of time in the kitchen we felt it was so worth the investment to get it exactly how we wanted it. And hello new Once Upon a Pumpkin cooking and baking headquarters!

It’s definitely the vocal point of the whole condo now and we are so excited about how it turned out! The funny thing is I feel like I can’t cook/bake in it yet because it’s too pretty! I keep telling Rob it feels like we’re staying at a fancy Airbnb and that we’ll have to leave soon!

kitchen “before”

Our cabinets are shaker white with matte gold cabinet pulls (ordered from Studio 41) and we painted the island blue (the color is “Navel” by Sherwin Williams, which happens to be the 2020 color of the year — who knew?!). As you can see in these pictures the backsplash is not up yet, but that will also be white.

We went with this matte black Delta touch and voice activated faucet. I originally also wanted it to be gold, however am really happy with the black contrast look!

kitchen “after” (almost!)

We’re currently working on organizing the kitchen cabinets and drawers. I ordered a few different organizers from the container store (they’re also having a sale right now) and I’ll keep you posted when I get those set up. I truly think having an organized pantry is so helpful to prevent food waste and save time in the kitchen so I’m excited to make the most of this space!

little stylish touches

I’m linking to a few things that I got for the place and that we’ve had for a while that I just love! All the items are linked below and most are on sale right now!

Since I had a lot of lead time before we moved in, I waited until all of these things were on sale to get them and they’re definitely my favorite things about the place so far. It’s all about the little things right?!

My theme is definitely whites, grey, gold, and pops of color from the plants, and pillows. I love that we get a lot of natural light and I think I’m most obsessed with the pink and orange dip dye pillow cover because it’s my brand colors for Once Upon a Pumpkin!

rug: west elm
end table: CB2; couch: CB2

Pumpkin has wasted no time finding new comfy spots and barking at dogs he hears outside!

These are affiliate links meaning I get a small commission if you purchase something through one of the links.

planter: west elm; orange vases: crate & barrel
tray: west elm; planter: CB2
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