Nutrition Counseling for Millennials

 1-on-1 nutrition counseling for busy millennials

Millennial eating patterns and habits are different from previous generations. We want transparency, customization, we’re constantly redefining what “healthy” means to us, and we’re willing to try anything.

My nutrition mantra is simple. No fads. No fake foods. Just evidenced-based solutions that work with your lifestyle.

From the grocery store you shop at, to the hours of sleep you’re getting a night, I consider all the details that make up your health and work with you to create the foundation you need to eat, workout and live with the highest confidence.

I know the work-in-a-corporate-setting-feel-exhausted-all-of-the time-barely- have-time-for-yourself-let-alone-grocery-shopping-pushing-yourself- through-a-dreaded-workout feeling. I use my firsthand experiences, struggles, and victories to create a program that accounts for food, nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, intuition, sleep, and a back up plan for when life happens–because what’s better than being perfect is learning something amazing about yourself in the process.

Let’s create a customized plan to help you achieve your happiest, healthiest life!

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**In person and virtual consultations are available.

Other Nutrition Services:

  • Corporate Wellness Presentations
  • Grocery Store Tours

What others are saying about working with Maggie

“Maggie was wonderful to work with! She did a great job of listening to my needs/concerns and offering practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions. Maggie also provided easy to reference materials for specific topics and always provided detailed notes from our sessions that I can reference in the future. Overall, Maggie was very well-informed and I gained a lot of insight from our time spent working together.”