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Nutrition Counseling

I help millennial women break through all of the diet noise, make peace with food, and love their body a little more.

Work with me to develop realistic and fun solutions to your health and nutrition roadblocks.

No more rides on the on-off dieting cycle. No more guilt about the food you ate when you were out with your friends. And no more feeling like you’ll never really be able to eat the way you want and still have fun.

I’ve taken my personal experiences, struggles, victories, insecurities, and learnings to create a program that allows women like yourself to ditch food guilt forever, love the body they are in and make healthy food choices that are fun and easy. I’ve had it with all of the nutrition noise out there and I’m here to tell you have to do whats right for you! And I am the dietitian to help you do exactly that.

My nutrition mantra is simple. No fads. No fake foods. No crazy diet. Just back to basics that work for you.

The best part? Everything is tailored to you. From the grocery store you shop at, to the gadgets you have in your kitchen. I work with you to make your environment and lifestyle line up with your health and nutrition goals.

Are you excited yet?