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Registered Dietitian Approved Target Grocery List


From pantry staples, to healthy snacks and more, find out whats on my registered dietitian approved target grocery list! Grab these healthy grocery staples next time you’re on a Target run to save time and money.

We’ve all been there. You run into Target for “one thing” and before you know it your cashier is saying your total is a hundred dollars! This happens to me more than I’d like to admit, but I don’t feel as bad especially when I can also stock up on some of my favorite grocery items while on a target run!

As a frequent Target shopper, I’ve watched their grocery department grow to carry healthy snacks and staples from brands that I would normally find at Whole Foods (full list below!). I’m really impressed with their store brands too. The target brands Simply Balanced, Market Pantry, Good & Gather and Archer Farms all have great products from canned goods, nut butter, produce, frozen items and more that deliver on taste and nutrition.

Did I mention Target also carries a great selection of wines?! I always hit that aisle too! 🙂

If you’re in a pinch and need to pick up grocery essentials, I think you can nearly get everything you’re looking for at a good price from Target these days which is why I wanted to create a comprehensive list of the things I like to pick up when I’m shopping there.

Plus, if you have a Target Red Card you can save 5% on nearly everything, including groceries. Saving money and fueling my Target shopping habit? Um, yes please!

why I like grocery shopping at target

If I’m already at Target, it’s super convenient to head to the grocery section and find things that I might only otherwise find at a grocery store like Whole Foods. When I’m out of a few pantry staples that help me create healthy, well balanced meals, I like knowing that I can grab them from Target at a good price!

On my registered dietitian approved shopping list you’ll find things for every diet type and lifestyle. From dairy free coffee creamer to my favorite low sugar yogurt and much more. Which begs the question, what can’t you buy at Target?!

Registered Dietitian Approved Target Grocery List



  • Canned tuna & salmon & pouches
  • Applegate deli meats

Eggs, Dairy/ Non-Dairy & Milks

  • Califia Farms almond milk, cold brew coffee & creamers
  • Silk almond & cashew milk varieties  
  • eggs
  • siggi’s yogurt

Frozen Foods

Pantry Staples

Bars & Snacks



  • GT’s Kombucha
  • Harmless Harvest Coconut Water
  • Healthade Kombucha
  • Spindrift
  • Speciality wines that are exclusive to Target
registered dietitian approved grocery list

Baking Mixes & Baking Supplies

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Registered dietitian approved target grocery list

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