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Spotlight: SpaDerma & My New Skin Care Routine

My 26th birthday coming up tomorrow has my thoughts preoccupied with how much more I can be doing to protect, preserve, and prevent the aging process. It’s not that I feel “old”, but in the last couple of months I have started to notice pains, lines, and dry skin that I swear was not there before!

I’ve always been relatively low maintenance when it comes to my own skincare routine. Face wash, and a night time moisturizer. That pretty much sums it up! Eeek! And as it is very important to me what I put into my body, lately I’ve been much more conscience of what I’m putting onto my skin. Everyone has their thing they’re willing to spend a little more on, for me that’s food, but my recent skin experience showed me that you don’t have to break the bank to invest in skin care that does the trick.

Honestly, I got by for many years using whichever face wash looked the best at Target or whatever  face cream my mom gave me from her stash. I’m lucky that I have been blessed with minimal breakouts, blemishes and acne my whole life. Both a blessing and a curse because not having to worry about it had me continuing to practice a very minimal skin care routine. Fast-forward to now, and those years in the sun with minimal sunscreen, and nights in college of going to bed with a face full of makeup is not doing me any favors now!

The other week I had the privilege of getting a few things done at the newest Spaderma Med Spa location in the West Loop! Just steps away from my apartment I learned  how important a consistent skin care routine can be in this world of environmental, physical, and mental stressors that unfortunately can  reek havoc on our skin. Keep reading to see what I got down and what it did for my skin.

The gracious staff at Spaderma gifted me these services, but all opinions are my own. This post also contains affiliate links to the skin care products I’m currently using. 

The Experience: 

As I entered their beautiful new space, I immediately felt more relaxed from the calming atmosphere you’re surrounded with when you first walk in. The staff took me back to meet with ever so lovely Nany, a medical esthetician specializing in the unique services offered at Spa Derma. During my appointment I got a demaplaning treatment and a facial, both of which were great!


What is it? Dermaplaning is a method of manually exfoliating the skin to abrade dead skin and remove the very top layer of skin, called the vellua hair aka the peach fuzz. The very thin blade they use sweeps the very top layer of your skin, which can hold onto a lot of environmental toxins and buildup in general.

How does it feel? To me it felt really relaxing! Call me crazy but I find stuff like this, including getting my eyebrows threaded super relaxing. I laid on the table as Nany was working on my face and totally zoned out. They recommend following demaplaning with a chemical peel to address other skin concerns, but I opted for a facial, which also left me with super smooth, hydrated and radiate skin.

Nany went on to apply a powerful antioxidant mask to my nose aimed at lifting blackheads (which I had a lot of) and targeting the build up that occurs in that region of your face. This was some heavy duty stuff because I could feel it working from the moment she applied it. It felt like tiny construction workers invading the surface of my nose and blasting out the blackheads with dynamite — but totally in a good way! I would have to say for me this was the most intense part of the treatment but I was happy about it because I could really feel it working to repair and replenish the skin.

As she continued with the facial, I especially love having the steam flow soak my face with moisture (pictured below) and the final application of the moisturizer that sealed in all of the goodness.

In the days following my treatments, I automatically saw a difference in my skin tone, and overall softness. I swear my makeup glided on more smoothly too!


My skin after:

My skin the next day:

During the appointment, I confessed my previous skin sins to Nany, who sent me home with a new and improved a.m. and p.m routine and a couple of great suggestions for products that are inexpensive must haves in your bathroom cabinet. Here’s the low down:

The Routine:



Oh and one more thing. What I also knew I was doing wrong but didn’t know how to best fix was taking care of my face after a workout. I had starting noticing sweat pimples develop on my hair line and more breakouts on my chin. The solution? Use an astringent like the Witch Hazel I mentioned above post-workout to clean off those gym germs that unfortunately make it to our faces even when we try our hardest not to touch it during a workout!

Interested in a consultation? Contact Stacy, at to see if these skin services or procedures like Botox and dysport are right for you!

So as I sit here approaching my birthday, I know my wellness journey is still one that is constantly in flux. It’s so easy to simply continue to do what you think might be working for you, but every once in a while we could all use a little refresh, and reboot, which is why I’m excited to continue with my new skin care routine, and take steps to up it’s health just as I would do so for my diet through the foods I eat.

What skin care regimens do you swear by? Is there something you had done that you absolutely can’t live without now? I’d love to hear about it, so be sure to comment below!




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"Maggie did a great job of listening to my needs and offering practical, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions."
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