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What To Look For On The Yogurt Label

This post was sponsored by siggi’s, but all options are my own and I appreciate your support!

I really enjoy grocery shopping. I don’t think I’ll ever be one of those people who orders their groceries online because I truly like perusing the aisles of the store at a leisurely pace and looking at everything. Some sections are less complicated than others, and dare I say the yogurt section might just be the most complicated of them all. So many choices, different brands, different flavors, etc. Even as a dietitian, I get overwhelmed with everything and try to spend as little time as possible in the section! Yogurt can go way beyond just breakfast or an on-the-go snack and below are some great examples of how you can incorporate it in fun and unique ways to add more nutrition to any meal.

I don’t blame you if you just pick up the first yogurt you see and high tail it out of there., but in the hopes of steering you towards some better-for-you options, I’m sharing my pick when it comes to yogurt and why it checks all of the boxes to have a place in my cart, fridge and recipes!

You’ll always find siggi’s in my cart for a variety of reasons but first and foremost because it’s made with simple ingredients and not a lot of sugar. It has a thick, creamy texture and tartness that satisfies my taste buds and keeps me fuller for longer , whether I’m eating it for breakfast or a snack. I like that the sweetness of all the flavors is not overpowering, because I don’t want it to taste like dessert! My boyfriend also became a huge siggi’s fan right around the same time as me a few years ago and now notices just how sweet other yogurts taste compared to siggi’s.

Siggi’s was founded by Siggi Hilmarrason in his New York apartment kitchen over 14 years ago. Siggi longed for the taste of “skyr” a thick Icelandic-style of yogurt of his homeland and saw a need for a yogurt that didn’t contain as much sugar as a can of soda in America. He sold his first yogurt cup at a farmers’ market and the good news is, it caught on quickly!

My favorite flavor has got to be their pumpkin & spice that’s available in the fall, but a close second and third would be vanilla & cinnamon and blackberry which are available year round. Be sure to keep up on @onceuponapumpkin, because I always share when I’m eating one!

What To Look For On The Yogurt Label

  • Ingredient list: length and simplicity. The longer the ingredient list, the more that yogurt has been processed and things have been added to is. See if you recognize a majority of the ingredients and remember, ingredients on the label are listed in predominance by weight meaning the things that are in that yogurt in the largest quantities are listed first. If sugar is the first or second thing then you know that yogurt is going to be high in sugar.


  • Sugar & added sugar content. Sugar and added sugar in foods are things to look for across the board when grocery shopping. It’s especially important to look at when you’re looking at the yogurt label because many can contain artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose, and use things like high fructose corn syrup, which I like to avoid. Aim for a yogurt with less than 12 grams of sugar. Siggi’s continues to innovate and evolve their products, and now offers two flavors with no added sugar or sweetener.  They’re sweetened with just fruit!


  • Protein content. Most of us grab a yogurt for breakfast or as a snack and choosing one that contains a fair amount of protein will help to keep you fueled for longer in those scenarios. I like that siggi’s has more protein than sugar, averaging about 15 grams in a cup.


10 things you never thought to do with yogurt:

  • Make your own face mask at home by combining yogurt, pumpkin puree, raw honey and cinnamon
  • Combine plain yogurt with the hot sauce of your choice (I like Frank’s Red Hot) for a healthier buffalo sauce
  • Use as a soup thickener like I did here (will link to the post) for this lemony pumpkin soup
  • Make a healthier bark by freezing yogurt on sheet trays and topping with pumpkin seeds and dried cranberries
  • Use it in place of half of the cream cheese in a cheesecake (there’s a recipe in my cookbook!)
  • Add a dollop to baked salmon (trust me, it’s delicious!)
  • Add to pumpkin or banana bread for an extra moist loaf like in this recipe



pumpkin soup made with siggi's


For more seasonal recipe inspiration with siggi’s, be sure to check out my Once Upon a Pumpkin Cookbook featuring a lemony pumpkin soup, and a pumpkin spiced yogurt bowl that incorporate siggis!

Check out all of siggi’s flavors and products here, and if you’re a registered dietitian or health professional, be sure to join their health & wellness program with great resources for your practice and or clientele.





I Tried All The Pumpkin Yogurts I Could Find And Here’s What You Need To Know

As if you didn’t already have enough choices when it comes to yogurts these days, bring on pumpkin season, and you’re head will be spinning as you go down the pumpkin rabbit hole for yogurt. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice, we’ve seen all the variations, but who is pump-KING of the dairy aisle? Let’s find out!
p.s. I am working with Wallaby to bring you a dreamy pumpkin recipe, but in the meantime all opinions of it are my own.
  1. Wallaby Spiced Pumpkin Whole Milk Yogurt—A new player in the pumpkin game for 2017, this whole-milk yogurt has a perfectly pumpkin tasting creamy texture. With every bite you will FALL more and more in love with its real pumpkin flavor. It pairs perfectly with granola on top! Bonus that studies show eating full-fat dairy actually helped people lose weight. Read fat does not make you fat—It keeps you full, which ultimately helps with hunger control. Definitely a great option to add to your daily fall routine!
  2. siggi’s Pumpkin & Spice Yogurt—This Icelandic-style skyr is as thick as pumpkin pie and a great option when you’re looking to scratch that pumpkin itch on a daily basis! The tart pumpkin taste is complemented nicely by the specs of vanilla bean swirled throughout. With more protein than sugar, you can’t go wrong having one for breakfast or after a chilly autumn run. I especially like this one because it’s not overly sweet and made with real pumpkin.
  3. Pumpkin NOOSA—There’s something about seeing the pumpkin swirl when you pick up a container of pumpkin NOOSA that makes you excited for all pumpkin everything. What didn’t excite me was the nearly 30 grams of sugar there are in per container. Mind you one container is 8 oz. versus your typical 5 oz. yogurt container, but that still is way too much sugar to eat in one sitting. Also making an appearance on the ingredient list is cream cheese, which should indicate that it’s more of a dessert than a snack.
  4. Simply Balanced Pumpkin Pie—Target’s grocery brand (including Archer Farms) definitely has a thing for pumpkin, and I’m not complaining! But the next time you’re on a Target run for pumpkin yogurt, you’re better off going with the other yogurt brands that they sell over this one. To me, the flavor to be very lack luster with somewhat of a slightly artificial pumpkin taste. Target sure wins when it comes to their selection of pumpkin foods, just not this one!
  5. Oikos Pumpkin Pie—If pumpkin pie is what you crave, I say hold out for the real thing, and don’t let this yogurt fool you into thinking that it is it! I wasn’t a fan of the pumpkin flavor, and found it overly rich with a forgettable pumpkin taste. It also has a hefty helping of sugar, which makes me feel like it’s not worth it even more–A major dairy don’t!
  6. Chobani Pumpkin Spice Blended—The creamy rich texture of this 2% milk fat yogurt is one you definitely don’t want to miss out on this fall. Chobani is known for always keeping us on our toes with their flavor combinations, and they sure do pumpkin season justice with this one. While it is a tad sweet, it comes in reasonably for nutrition compared to some of the others at 12 grams of protein and sugar for 120 calories. The smooth texture is not overly rich, which pairs well with just about any topping you’d like to add, and great in recipes too!
  7. Chobani Flip Pumpkin Harvest Crisp—I’m flipping out over this one, and here’s why. Chobani has done something amazing with this yogurt, and that is combine it with all the things we’d want in our pumpkin yogurt, but wouldn’t actually put in it unless it was already there for us. Case in point pie crust pieces, glazed pumpkin seeds and pecans. (For the record, I hate pecans, but I will eat them in this case because they go together so nicely in this yogurt!) Maybe it’s the fun of pouring the toppings into the yogurt, or how they suddenly turn your yogurt into parfait that’s as crispy as the leaves on the ground. Whatever it maybe, this yogurt gets pumpkin points for being a fun treat, that can double as dessert all fall long.
  8. Dannon Light & Fit Pumpkin Pie—By now you know I’m not a fan of a fake pumpkin taste, and this pumpkin yogurt variety unfortunately left a bad one in my mouth! The artificial sweeteners really masked any sort of real pumpkin taste that there could have been. I’d much rather choose a naturally sweetened variety. When your pursuing pumpkin yogurts, skip this one.
  9.  Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Greek Yogurt – An OG pumpkin product from Trader Joe’s, and perhaps one of the very first pumpkin yogurts out there ever, TJ’s rendition of pumpkin spice Greek yogurt comes up short on taste and nutrition. In fact, the pumpkin base is made up of cane sugar and corn starch too. You know how I feel about real pumpkin being messed with, and for that Trader Joe’s version is not my favorite. But hey, if you’re already there buying one of their 150 other pumpkin products, why not pick this one up too, and share it with a friend!



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