Our Engagement Story!

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Sharing our engagement story of how Rob surprised me and popped the question! Let the wedding planning begin!

Last Sunday was a day I’ll never forget! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that we got engaged, but I wanted to write it here so I could keep it here and look back on it one day!

our engagement story

It started out like any other Sunday for us. We had dinner plans that night at Nobu here in Chicago (booked way in advance) and that was the only thing we really had going on. It was going to be our “Sunday Funday’ activity and I was excited to try a couple new things on their menu.

On Saturday Rob mentioned he wanted to go for a walk on the Riverwalk on Sunday morning (a walk I’ll never forget!). A walk we’ve taken Pumpkin (our dog) on a thousand times and thats really nice in the summer. I agreed and in my mind was planning to get some work done in the afternoon before dinner so that I could fully enjoy it and didn’t have to do anything to prepare for Monday after.

The weather was perfect here in Chicago on Sunday (but super hot!). I put on a sports bra, leggings, tennis shoes and a hat and asked Rob to fill up a water bottle before we headed out.

We took our usual route and just before we got to the part of the Riverwalk where we usually enter, Rob said that he wanted to go to the other side because Pumpkin likes to see the birds there. I thought nothing of it and we continued on our way.

We walked pretty far down that stretch of Riverwalk and I remember Rob slightly nudging me to stop walking and stand by the railing. We watched a big tour boat go by and I distinctly remember I was looking at something on Instagram on my phone at the time too (not surprising!).

All of the sudden I turned around and Rob’s face turned slightly serious but he was also smiling, a kind of cool and confident grin. He started talking about us and our relationship and I kid you not in that moment it felt like the world had stopped moving around me. I had no idea this was coming!

He reached into his pocket, got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!! I said YES and threw off my baseball cap and kissed him! He put the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen on my finger and we hugged for a good five minutes, laughing and smiling with some happy tears from me! And while all of this excitement was going on the water bottle that we brought somehow fell into the lake! Big shoutout to the man in the kayak who rescued it and threw it back to Rob. I’ll never look at that water bottle the same!

My friend and photographer, Hannah was there to capture the whole thing and I’m so glad we have those moments to look back on for life. I’m so glad Pumpkin was there too (and part of the decoy for this plan all along!) he definitely made it extra special because we love him so much!

The walk home was a complete blur! I think I was still in major shock from everything and couldn’t stop staring at the ring on my finger! We got home, popped some champagne, called our families and shared the news with everyone. Dinner that night was so special and delicious and it was truly a Sunday Funday I’ll never forget!

This year Rob and I will have been dating for 7 years (on October 30th!) and we’ve known each other for 10! Rob was one of the first people I met at Michigan State my freshman year. His friend lived right across the hall from me and my roommate and soon we were all in the same friend group. We were just friends until our senior year.

I remember telling my friend Sam that I felt really nervous to see him all of the sudden when we were going to a party at the beginning of senior year and the rest is history — it was always him! There’s no one else I want to do life with and I can’t wait to start this next chapter of our lives together.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve always dreamed of having a fall wedding (I’m thankful Rob is agreeable!)! Fall colors, and pumpkin centerpieces, oh my! Eek that gets me so excited!

The day after it happened I was still in shock and so excited, I couldn’t really focus on anything else. I did make this pumpkin cake that I’m now calling “engagement cake”! It’s perfect for anything you might be celebrating this fall.

If you’re planning a fall wedding too or just want to see some of the fall wedding touches that caught my eye over the years, check out my dream fall wedding Pinterest board!

It has crossed my mind that during this era of Covid some things might be hard to start planning for because there are so many unknowns for next year. I’m trying not to let that worry me and just enjoy being engaged for a while, you know!? This plus the start of pumpkin season has truly has me on cloud nine!

Thank you for being here and thank you SO MUCH for all of the love and well wishes on social media this past week!



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